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Marlus Saiki's Strategy for Empowering the Next Generation of Chefs

Marlus Saiki's Strategy for Empowering the Next Generation of Chefs

Chef Marlus Saiki's journey through the world of dining is distinguished and dynamic, establishing him as a pivotal figure in the restaurant industry. Starting his career at the young age of 16, Saiki quickly made his mark, participating in a national sushi championship and securing an internship at Maido, Latin America's top-rated restaurant. His role at Zephyr Seafood & Nikkei since 2015, alongside his YouTube channel Soul Chefs, underscores his commitment to culinary excellence and innovation. Saiki's experiences, from his early days in Brazil to his current leadership position, reflect a deep-seated dedication to enriching the culinary landscape and mentoring the next generation of chefs.

For those looking into jobs for chefs in Australia, Saiki's career offers a wealth of inspiration. The Australian dining scene is lively and offers many opportunities for chefs aiming to leave their mark. Whether it's in upscale restaurants, casual dining, or creative food enterprises, there's a continuous need for skilled individuals like Saiki. For those inspired by Saiki's career and aiming to find jobs for chefs in Australia, there are ample chances for both personal and professional development.

Can you tell us about your current role?

I currently work at the Zephyr Seafood & Nikkei restaurant since 2015.

I'm the restaurant's chef and I own a channel on youtube called Soul Chefs, it contains 23,000 subscribers.


What were some of the highlights of this position?

I participated in a championship of sushi nationwide, was held in the city of São Paulo in the year 2016, I had obtained a great result reaching the 6th place.

I did several courses brought to Brazil by Nagoya Sushi School, and who minister was Hirotoshi Ogawa, director of AJSA (All Japan Sushi Association).

In 2017 I did an internship at Maido, considered actually the best restaurant in Latin America, I also did a proficiency test in sushi, where I had the happiness of being certified and authorized to make sushi inside and outside of Japan.


Can you tell us a little about your career before this current position?

I started my career at age 16 at the restaurant Tatibana, located in Curitiba, Paraná, where I worked for 6 years. After that I went to Joinville, Santa Catarina where I stay for a short time, until the restaurant where I am currently working opened, and now I'm the chef of the team.


What do you see as the biggest challenges facing the industry at the moment?

I see as one of the biggest problems of the market the lack of encouragement and preparation of professionals who don't have the information and training necessary to work in the area. I am also very disappointed with the famous sushi buffets, because they lose all the quality and freshness of the fish.


What do you see as a possible solution to the growing shortage of chefs?

In my point of view, one of the solutions to this shortage would be the old-time chefs instructing, training the new ones, and/or patronizing them to pass on all the knowledge they need to become successful chefs and world reference.

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