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Welcome to ChefHire


Finding and retaining high quality staff is a feat that is all too common in any industry. In hospitality, the growing challenges faced by business owners’ makes efficient staff acquisition processes imperative.


The cycle of finding and hiring staff can take a real toll on the chefs, managers and business owners who just want to focus on running the business. At ChefHire, we understand that reliability and consistency are traits that employers spend endless amounts of time searching for.


Our aim is to alleviate your stress. We take on the tedious processes of finding, screening, and interviewing skilled potential hires to fit the specific needs of your restaurant, pub, bistro, or tavern. Our team takes pride in finding the ideal fit for your situation.

Let us handle the stress for you.

We would love to help.

A fit for any commercial kitchen

A smooth-running professional kitchen needs a high performing team to make things happen. When a kitchen is understaffed, this has a directly negative impact on the service level. Struggling to manage orders, quality of food and maintain optimal service are all the signs that a kitchen needs an extra pair of hands. At ChefHire, we understand the urgency of finding a solid chef replacement as soon as possible and how this can make all the difference to your kitchen’s service delivery.  

Reliable Hospitality Staff

We work with many businesses that are based in regional areas. ChefHire stands out as we can guarantee your new hire will not only turn up but is fully trained and ready to start immediately.  We look to find you the perfect fit for a permanent position.


Our end-to-end service ensures we can manage the interviews and screening processes, saving you time.


If you need a permanent chef, hospitality staff or if you require labour hire to cover emergencies, annual leave or large functions - we can help.

Job Opportunities

Featured Chef

Luke Mangan

We catch up with Chef Luke Mangan and get his opinion on the future of the industry

Have you ever found your kitchen understaffed?


The stress this causes is immeasurable. On top of that, the story of chef’s quitting or not showing up are not unheard of.  


An understaffed kitchen often results in disgruntled customers and even bad reviews posted online. It only takes one bad review on social media to tarnish your reputation.


Rather than struggling with an understaffed kitchen, you now have a better option - call up ChefHire. Finding hospitality staff is what we do. Whether it's an emergency, annual leave cover, or a more permanent hire, we’re here to help.


The kitchen is a source of inspiration

The number one reason a chef is dissatisfied at work is an understaffed kitchen. This then comes across in the food, speed of service, the mood of the other staff, and of course, customer satisfaction.


We recently worked with an established winery, helping them restore their reputation that they had worked hard to establish over 30 years. After the chef suddenly quit, they decided to cope with an understaffed team. The long wait times and poor-quality food resulted in a mass of negative online feedback. After cancelled weddings and functions, they called ChefHire to help, and luckily, we got them back on track.


One terrible service can ruin 30 years of hard work


It takes one bad instance to tarnish the reputation you have worked hard to create. Don’t run the risk of being understaffed. The costs are immeasurable.


You are not alone. ChefHire is here to help


Are you looking for a last-minute emergency, annual leave, or a permanent solution? ChefHire is the ideal solution for you.


Our process is designed to cater for emergencies and quick responses. An account is easy to set up, and we offer 24-hour support to make sure you are looked after straight away. You’re not alone in this, no matter your location.


We are run by chefs which means we understand you and your situation.

"We have been using ChefHire to fill gaps in our kitchen team whilst we recruit and have found their services to be excellent. 


Their response times are quick and can normally get chefs with very little notice. 

The quality of chefs has always been to a high standard and ChefHire are quick to rectify if there are any problems


 I would definitely recommend Chef hire if you need kitchen cover."


Ashleigh Shone

General Manager

Onslow Beach Resort

Image by Ronan Kruithof

Are you a chef looking for work?

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Long Term & Short Term Work 



Our clients often contact us in urgent need. We understand this and act with a sense of urgency to find a solution


Our clients don't work 9-5 so neither do we. We are here to help around the clock


You are relying on us to serve your customers. That's why we only use chefs that we know and trust


We love to grow and are here to help our customers and staff to grow as well


We act with a purpose in mind, to fulfill the promises of our brand and deliver the best possible service for the industry


We aim to create an environment that fosters the personal development of our chefs, internal staff and our customers