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Dear chef, manager or business owner,

it's getting harder and harder to find quality hospitality staff these days.


Some times they don't even show up for the interview.


When your kitchen is understaffed your whole team suffers and the customer feels the effect.

Let us handle the stress for you.

At ChefHire we have interviewed and screened over 5000 chefs since our inception in 2010.

We have learned some valuable lessons along the way and have refined our process so we can really meet our customers needs.

The average Chef stays in a full time position for 8 months. 

The other agencies are charging $3500-$7000 for a CDP

We know the transient nature of the market and we want to find our clients an affordable solution. That's why we offer a flat recruitment fee of $695 for positions paying up to $75k

We have a great track record of recruiting for the industries biggest names and many of our placements have stayed in their roles for in excess of 5 years.

if you need a permanent chef or any hospitality staff or if you require labour hire to cover emergencies, annual leave or large functions then we can help.

We would love to help you.

Job Opportunities

Creating Inspired Kitchens

We can help you attract the talent you need and develop and retain your staff

Labour Hire and Recruitment

Work on your business, not in it. Be assured you have the right person for the job

24 hour support

Any concerns can be quickly attended to

Flexible Process

Quick account set up means we're there to help you in an emergency

Run by chefs

We know the issues the industry faces

Opening teams

Available to open your new venue

Featured Chef

Luke Mangan

We catch up with Chef Luke Mangan and get his opinion on the future of the industry
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Need a chef in a hurry?
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If your chefs called in sick, taking annual leave, you're busier than expected, or for any reason you need a chef then we can help.

Have you ever found your kitchen understaffed?


Ever been relying on a chef and they quit, or worse they just don’t show up?


Did you know the number one reason chefs are dissatisfied with their job is  their kitchen being understaffed?


Dissatisfaction can be tasted on the plate.


The kitchen is a place we want inspiration not desperation.


Dissatisfied chefs equal dissatisfied customers, longer wait times and lower quality food.


With the reach of social media, one bad service can ruin your business.


We recently worked with an established winery helping them to restore their reputation.


They had been in business over 30 years and had done everything right. They had a great reputation and lots of positive social media reviews.


Then they had a chef quit last minute, and instead of getting an agency in they decided to struggle through. 


The chefs did their best but there was long wait times and some poor quality food.


This one night resulted in a barrage of negative reviews. Some of them quite upset.


When looking at the reviews with all of the recent ones so negative it was easy to assume that this place was terrible. 


One terrible service put in jeopardy 30 years of hard work.



Weddings were cancelled and countless business was lost resulting in a low summer.


Don’t run the risk of being understaffed. 


The costs can be countless.


Luckily, you are not alone. ChefHire is here to help.



Whether it’s a last minute emergency, annual leave, or a permanent solution we can help.


We have 24 hour support and quick account set up which means we can respond quickly if you need a chef


We are run by chefs which means we know your frustrations and we won't send you a chef who can't do the job

"We have been using ChefHire to fill gaps in our kitchen team whilst we recruit and have found their services to be excellent. 


Their response times are quick and can normally get chefs with very little notice. 

The quality of chefs has always been to a high standard and ChefHire are quick to rectify if there are any problems


 I would definitely recommend Chef hire if you need kitchen cover."


Ashleigh Shone

General Manager

Onslow Beach Resort


Image by Ronan Kruithof

Are you a chef looking for work?

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Long Term & Short Term Work 





Our clients often contact us in urgent need. We understand this and act with a sense of urgency to find a solution


Our clients don't work 9-5 so neither do we. We are here to help around the clock


You are relying on us to serve your customers. That's why we only use chefs that we know and trust


We love to grow and are here to help our customers and staff to grow as well


We act with a purpose in mind, to fulfill the promises of our brand and deliver the best possible service for the industry


We aim to create an environment that fosters the personal development of our chefs, internal staff and our customers