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"Providing everyday solutions to the hospitality industry while helping workers work the way they want" 


At ChefHire, we're committed to simplifying staffing solutions in the hospitality sector with a clear, benefit-driven approach. Founded on the principle of providing dependable, flexible, and quality staffing options, our platform connects hospitality venues with professional chefs and kitchen staff across Australia. Understanding the unique challenges faced by both employers and professionals in this industry, we've tailored our services to offer practical, efficient solutions.

For businesses, ChefHire is a reliable partner in ensuring your kitchen never misses a beat. We offer the flexibility to fill staffing gaps promptly, ensuring your operations are smooth and uninterrupted. With our platform, you can set the rates, choose the chefs that fit your venue's needs, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing every shift is covered.

For chefs and kitchen staff, we champion the freedom to choose when and where you work, supporting a balanced lifestyle and career development on your terms. Our friendly, conversational approach makes every interaction personal and straightforward, ensuring you feel part of a community dedicated to your professional growth.


Discover the ChefHire advantage and how we can make a difference in your professional journey or business operations.


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Bradley has over 20 years hospitality experience from restaurant ownership to Executive chef. His skills range from fine dining to cafes, menu writing, team building and financial management. He is here to help you set up new kitchens, recruit teams of chefs and implement kitchen management and coherency programs. In his spare time he loves to attend seminars and immerse himself in the work of Dr John Demartini

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Dwain is an employment and payroll compliance expert and has been on the forefront of significant changes in payroll management and HR solutions for over 10 years, across multiple jurisdictions and industries. He is passionate about building and deploying intelligent and engaging solutions that can make life easier for business owners while keeping compliance at the core. Dwain came on board with ChefHire in 2021. When he is not working he likes to spend time with his wife and three children

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Relationship Manager

Deana Soko joined ChefHire’s team of Recruiters early 2018 and brings with her 20 years’ experience in the field of Industrial Relations and HR Management. Working close to 10 years in the manufacturing industry, Deana then moved to Hospitality. Her first role was as a HR Consultant with Wyndham Vacations Resorts South Pacific Group and has been in the Hospitality industry since. Early in her career in manufacturing her role involved working closely with Trade Unions, enterprise bargaining and workforce planning. Throughout her career she has also had the responsibility in the areas of Training & Development, OH&S, Recruitment and Client Relations. Working at ChefHire gives Deana the diversity, autonomy and flexibility she enjoys having in her roles. Her biggest motivation is seeing our clients being able to deliver on their promise to their own customers. Deana is married with one child. Outside of work she spends her time with family and friends, and is a big fan of rugby union.

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Sofia, bringing nearly 8 years of experience as a Business Manager, possesses expertise in accounting and finance. Her specialization in financial management, sales forecasting and business strategy within the hospitality industry highlights her expertise. With a proven track record, she adeptly optimizes operations, driving revenue growth.

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Sreyda leverages over a decade of experience in administration, tourism, hospitality and computer skills to excel in her role. Her success lies not only in client satisfaction but also in fostering internal team cohesion. She honed skills in customer service, reservations, tour operations, sales, marketing and finance/accounting.

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Ingrid, with over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, excels as a Recruitment and Admin Assistant. Her expertise includes people management, event planning, financial reporting and ensuring operational excellence. With a proven track record in staff management and operational efficiency, she consistently exceeds targets and delivers outstanding results.



UK Recruitment

Simon previously worked as a Chef across the UK as well as in Australia. He also ran his own pub for a number of years before moving in to consulting and more recently has been recruitng chefs and hospitality staff from the UK for our Australian clients.

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