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The 'Golden Triangle" of Menu Design

Discovering the "Golden Triangle" can increase your menus profitability.

Research into menu engineering shows that diners' eyes follow a specific path upon opening a menu: starting at the middle, moving to the top right, and then to the top left.

This insight presents a unique opportunity to strategically place high-profit dishes in these areas, subtly guiding customers towards choices that enhance their dining experience while boosting your venue's profitability.

Strategic Dish Placement

Position your standout dishes in the menu's centre to capture immediate attention. This spot should feature items with both high appeal and profitability. Moving to the top right, place dishes that offer unique flavours or premium ingredients, continuing to draw interest and encouraging higher spend. The top left corner is ideal for popular favourites that consistently perform well, rounding out the diverse offerings within the Golden Triangle.

Design That Drives Decisions

Use design elements thoughtfully to highlight the Golden Triangle areas. Different fonts, colours, or borders can draw the diner's eye to these key sections. Descriptive and enticing dish descriptions play a crucial role in converting interest into orders, making each highlighted dish sound irresistible.

Pricing Psychology

Implement clever pricing strategies within the Golden Triangle to enhance perceived value. Psychological pricing tactics, such as setting prices just below a round number, can make dishes more appealing. Strategically placing a higher-priced item near your target dishes can also make them appear more affordable, encouraging diners to opt for these profitable choices.

Keep It Fresh

Regularly updating your menu keeps it exciting and allows for adjustments based on seasonal ingredients, trends, and profitability analyses. This approach ensures your menu remains dynamic and appealing to both new and returning customers.

The Golden Triangle isn't just a pattern; it's a strategic tool for crafting a menu that sells. By understanding and applying this concept, you can steer customer choices, enhance dining experiences, and elevate your venue's success.

If your menu could use the creative touch of a chef skilled in the art of menu engineering, get in touch with ChefHire.

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