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Themed Events to Attract Families During School Holidays

School holidays are a golden opportunity for restaurants to attract families and boost revenue. But how can you stand out from the crowd of "kids eat free" deals? The answer lies in creating unique and engaging themed events that entertain both children and their parents. Here's how to transform your restaurant from a meal stop to a memorable family experience:

kids cooking

Interactive Feasts:

  • Cooking Classes for Mini-Chefs: Turn your kitchen into a fun learning zone! Offer family-friendly cooking classes where children can learn basic cooking skills alongside their parents. Design age-appropriate menus with easy-to-follow recipes. Let children decorate their own pizzas, whip up colourful smoothies, or assemble fun desserts.

  • Mystery Dinners with a Twist: Put a playful spin on the classic murder mystery dinner. Create a kid-friendly theme like "Pirate Treasure Hunt" or "Lost in the Jungle." Provide costumes and props for children to play detective roles, searching for clues and solving a (lighthearted) mystery while enjoying a themed menu.

Themed Adventures:

  • Fairytale Fridays: Transform your restaurant into a magical wonderland. Decorate with balloons, fairy lights, and character cutouts. Offer themed dishes inspired by popular fairy tales, like "Cinderella's Carriage Pumpkin Soup" or "Rapunzel's Towering Spaghetti." Hire face painters or balloon artists to add to the fun, and encourage children to dress up as their favourite fairy tales characters.

  • Underwater Odysseys: Take your guests on an ocean adventure! Dim the lights, project mesmerising ocean visuals, and play calming ocean sounds. Offer a special "seafood extravaganza" menu with playful names like "Captain's Catch" or "Mermaid's Treasure." Provide colouring sheets and activity books featuring sea creatures to keep children entertained.

Live Entertainment Geared for Families:

  • Magic Shows & Juggling Acts: Hire a talented magician or juggler to perform a family-friendly show. The interactive nature of these acts will keep children engaged and provide a welcome break between courses.

  • Puppet Storytelling: Captivate young minds with a puppet show featuring classic stories or original narratives.Puppet shows are a cost-effective way to add entertainment and can be tailored to specific themes or holidays.

  • Live Music with Kid-Friendly Tunes: Bring in a local musician or band that plays upbeat covers or original songs with a positive message. This creates a lively atmosphere and provides a soundtrack for family fun.

Don't Forget the Details:

  • Themed Decorations: Set the stage for your event with creative decorations that match the theme. Use balloons, streamers, tablecloths, and banners to create a visually engaging and immersive experience for children.

  • Special Menus: Design menus that are both appealing to children and enticing for adults. Offer a selection of smaller portions, creative options, and fun presentations to keep kids interested. Consider offering healthy alternatives and catering to dietary restrictions.

  • Family-Friendly Activities: Have a dedicated play area with age-appropriate toys, colouring books, and board games to keep children entertained while waiting for food or between activities.

By implementing these ideas and tailoring them to your restaurant's unique style, you can create themed events that become a staple for families during school holidays. Remember, the key is to provide a fun and interactive experience that creates lasting memories for families and encourages them to return for more!


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