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School Holidays Marketing for Restaurants

School holidays can be a busy time for families in Australia, filled with outings and activities. For restaurants, it's a chance to attract new customers, but competition can be fierce. Here's a strategy that can help school holidays marketing for restaurants.

kids eating in restaurant

Building Bridges with Local Attractions:

Imagine this: a family spends a morning exploring a museum or enjoying a day at the park. Now, they're looking for a convenient and satisfying meal. This is where your restaurant comes in! By partnering with local museums, zoos, parks, or even theme parks, you can create a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Benefits for Restaurants:

  • Increased Visibility: Partnering with reputable attractions puts your restaurant on the radar of families actively seeking activities during school holidays. 

  • Enhanced Brand Image: Being associated with family-friendly attractions strengthens your image as a welcoming and accommodating spot for families with children.

  • Creative Marketing Opportunities: Collaborate on marketing campaigns that leverage the attraction's audience and social media reach. This allows you to reach potential customers who are already interested in family outings. 

  • Package Deals & Discounts: Develop special offers like discounted meals or themed menus for families who visit the attraction. This provides value to both businesses and families.

Benefits for Attractions:

  • Value-Added Service: Offer visitors a convenient dining option close by, enhancing their overall experience.

  • Increased Revenue: Attract more families by offering a seamless experience that includes both entertainment and dining.

  • Cross-Promotion: Promote each other's offerings through flyers, website integration, and social media mentions. This expands your audience reach without additional marketing costs.

Making the Partnership Work:

  • Identify Strategic Partners: Choose attractions that complement your restaurant's style and target audience.Consider family-friendly museums, zoos, aquariums, or theme parks.

  • Develop Mutually Beneficial Deals: Create packages that offer value to both businesses and families. This could be a discounted meal voucher with an entry ticket or a special menu featuring dishes related to the attraction's theme.

  • Effective Marketing Strategy: Promote your partnership through joint marketing materials, social media campaigns, and website listings. Utilise relevant hashtags like #schoolholidays, #familyfun, and #localbusiness.

Examples of Successful Collaborations:

  • A museum might offer a "Dino-Discoveries" package with discounted entry tickets and a kids' menu featuring prehistoric-themed dishes at a nearby restaurant.

  • A water park could partner with a restaurant to create a "Splash & Dine" package, offering a discounted meal after a day of aquatic adventures.

  • A local park could collaborate with a cafe to offer "Picnic in the Park" baskets for families to enjoy in the park, followed by dessert or ice cream at the cafe.

The Takeaway:

By partnering with local attractions, restaurants can position themselves as a key element of a family's fun-filled day during school holidays. This strategy can attract new customers, strengthen your brand image, and ultimately boost your bottom line. So, think outside the menu and start building connections with local attractions!

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