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New Technology in Hospitality: How to Better Streamline Operations

The hospitality industry is increasingly adopting new technologies to enhance operational efficiency and sustainability. One such technology making significant strides is Ordermentum, a digital platform designed to connect venues and suppliers. By centralising and automating the ordering and payment processes, Ordermentum is transforming the way hospitality businesses operate.

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Simplifying Orders and Payments

Ordermentum's user-friendly app provides a seamless, centralised platform for venues to manage their orders and payments, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. Key features include:

Centralized Platform

Venues can streamline their operations by ordering and paying suppliers through a single interface. This integration reduces the need for multiple systems and manual data entry, minimising errors and saving valuable time.

Supplier Connectivity

The app allows venues to effortlessly connect with their current suppliers and discover new ones. This expanded network offers greater sourcing options and access to unique and competitive products.

Automation and Reminders

Ordermentum helps venues stay on top of inventory management with automated standing orders and timely text reminders. These features ensure that critical supplies are consistently replenished, reducing the risk of stock shortages.

Benefits for Suppliers

Suppliers also enjoy several advantages from using Ordermentum, enhancing their business operations:

Improved Cash Flow

Automated payments streamline cash flow management, eliminating the time-consuming process of chasing invoices and ensuring timely payments.

Administrative Efficiency

By centralising customer orders and payments, Ordermentum reduces the administrative burden on suppliers. This efficiency allows suppliers to focus more on production and customer service.

Customised Catalogues

Suppliers can create tailored digital catalogues for different customers, enhancing the ordering experience and making it easier for venues to find exactly what they need.

Lead Generation

The platform helps suppliers attract new business leads, expanding their customer base without the need for additional marketing efforts. This increased visibility can drive growth and establish stronger market presence.

How Will It Benefit Restaurants?

Ordermentum offers a range of benefits that can significantly help restaurants streamline their operations and improve efficiency. Here’s an analysis of why and how this technology can be advantageous for restaurant businesses:

Centralised Ordering and Payments

Efficiency and Accuracy

By centralising the ordering and payment processes, Ordermentum eliminates the need for multiple systems and manual data entry. This reduces the likelihood of errors and saves time, allowing restaurant staff to focus more on customer service and less on administrative tasks.

Example: A restaurant can place orders for all their supplies through a single platform rather than dealing with different suppliers individually. This streamlines the process and ensures all orders are tracked and managed efficiently.

Supplier Connectivity and Discovery

Expanding Supplier Options

The platform allows restaurants to connect with their existing suppliers and discover new ones. This is particularly beneficial for finding local or specialty suppliers who might offer better prices or unique ingredients.

Example: A restaurant looking to incorporate more local produce can easily find and connect with local farmers through Ordermentum, ensuring fresher ingredients and potentially lower costs.

Automation and Reminders

Reducing Missed Orders

Automated standing orders and text reminders help restaurants stay on top of their inventory needs. This ensures that critical supplies are consistently replenished, reducing the risk of running out of key ingredients.

Example: A busy restaurant can set up automatic weekly orders for commonly used items like dairy and vegetables, ensuring they never run out of these essentials during peak service times.

Improved Cash Flow for Suppliers

Financial Stability

Suppliers benefit from automatic payments, which help improve their cash flow. This financial stability can translate to more consistent supply chains and potentially better pricing for restaurants.

Example: A bakery supplier receiving timely payments can maintain consistent flour supplies to a restaurant, reducing disruptions in the kitchen.

Administrative Efficiency

Streamlining Administrative Tasks

By centralising customer orders and payments, Ordermentum helps suppliers and restaurants reduce the time spent on administrative tasks. This efficiency can lead to cost savings and better resource allocation.

Example: Restaurant managers can spend less time managing invoices and more time focusing on improving menu offerings or customer service.

Digital Catalogues and Customisation

Enhanced Ordering Experience

Digital catalogues that can be personalised for different customers enhance the ordering experience, making it easier for restaurants to find and order exactly what they need.

Example: A restaurant can quickly browse through a supplier’s digital catalogue, view tailored recommendations based on past orders, and make purchases with just a few clicks.

Lead Generation for Suppliers

Growing Supplier Networks

Ordermentum helps suppliers gain new leads without additional marketing efforts, ensuring a steady stream of new business. This can lead to better supplier relationships and more competitive pricing for restaurants.

Example: A restaurant can benefit from suppliers who are eager to offer competitive deals and excellent service to gain new business through the platform.

Leveraging Technology in Hospitality for Sustainability

Ordermentum exemplifies how technology and AI can be leveraged to improve operational efficiency, making the hospitality industry more sustainable and financially viable. By digitising these processes, businesses can focus more on customer service and less on administrative tasks.

Widespread Adoption

Ordermentum has been adopted by over 40,000 venues across Australia, demonstrating its effectiveness in enhancing operational efficiencies for both venues and suppliers. This widespread use underscores the platform's role in transforming the hospitality landscape.

Final Thoughts

Ordermentum represents a significant advancement in hospitality technology, streamlining operations, reducing administrative burdens, and fostering a more connected and sustainable industry. For those interested in integrating new technologies into their operations, exploring platforms like Ordermentum can provide valuable insights and solutions.


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