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How Restaurant & Menu Design Can Make You More Money. We Hear From Award Winning Graphic Designer Raymond Lim

Updated: Jul 11

Ever walk into a restaurant and instantly feel a certain vibe? That's the power of design at play. In today's competitive restaurant scene, good food is just the beginning. This interview with Raymond Lim of RayL Creative dives into how thoughtful design can transform your restaurant from ordinary to extraordinary.

Raymond Lim of RayL Creative

Q: Raymond, tell us your story. How did RayL Creative come about?

It all started with a childhood passion for art. I even taught art for a while, but the creative itch led me to Melbourne, where I honed my design skills. While I explored different paths, freelance graphic design was always a constant. The turning point came when I combined my love for food with design. My first restaurant client opened the door to a world where I could create spaces that were as delicious as the food itself.

Q: RayL Creative goes beyond murals, right? What other design services do you offer?

Branding, logos, and menus are our bread and butter, but we offer a full design feast. Think posters, merchandise, packaging, even eye-catching signage and neon signs. We also provide food styling, photography, and videography. Plus, I leverage my knowledge of interior design to craft a cohesive dining environment. It's about offering a one-stop design shop for everything your restaurant needs.

Q: Murals are cool, but how does design actually impact the customer experience?

As a foodie myself, I know a great dining experience goes beyond the plate. Visuals like murals, menus, and even food presentation all play a part. They tell your restaurant's story, connect diners to the chef's vision, and create lasting memories. Imagine stepping into a space that's exciting, warm, or takes you back in time – that's the kind of atmosphere we help create.

Q: Some restaurants might see design as an extra cost. How do you convince them it's worth it?

It's a valid concern. But here's the thing: good design with a clear purpose can attract new customers and boost your bottom line. We work closely with restaurants to find creative solutions within their budget. Ultimately, when they see the value design brings, they become believers.

Q: Branding is key. How does RayL Creative build a cohesive brand that keeps customers coming back?

Building a strong brand takes time and consistency. Colours, fonts, and overall style all contribute. But a restaurant's brand goes deeper than visuals – it's the service, the food quality, even the chef's social media presence. We help ensure all these elements work together seamlessly. A memorable brand leads to word-of-mouth marketing, the best kind of marketing there is.

Q: Menus are functional, but can they influence what people order?

Yes. We work with restaurants to understand their goals. Maybe they have a hidden gem they want to highlight. By strategically using font size, colour, and layout, we can subtly guide customers' eyes towards specific dishes while still making the menu easy to navigate. It's about understanding customer behaviour and using design to gently nudge them in the right direction.

Q: Social media is huge for restaurants. How can RayL Creative create "Instagrammable" experiences?

In today's crowded social media landscape, standing out is crucial. We help chefs find their unique selling proposition, visually. This might involve creating a menu design that sparks curiosity and drives customers to your social media for drool-worthy food photos. That's where our food styling, photography, and videography expertise comes in. We help chefs create visually captivating content that gets shared and ultimately brings in more business.

Q: What exciting trends do you see in restaurant design?

In my opinion, it's more innovative. Understanding your target audience and constantly generating fresh ideas is essential. Engaging with customers on social media is also huge. Think chefs like Andy Cook who've become influencers, or a wait staff that embodies the restaurant's culture. Ultimately, diners crave a unique and personal experience, one that goes beyond just a meal.

Q: Where can people learn more about your works?

Find RayL Creative on my website, or follow me on Instagram (personal and RayLCreative). Read more on the importance of Menu Design, here.


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