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Crown Resorts Knocks Out the Competition: A Unique Partnership with the UFC

The gloves are off, and a heavyweight champion has emerged in the world of Australian entertainment! In a first-of-its-kind deal, Crown Resorts, Australia's leading integrated resort operator, has landed a knockout partnership with the UFC. This strategic alliance goes beyond the typical sponsorship, offering a unique and immersive experience for UFC fans Down Under.

Crown Australia
Photo by: ABC

A Perfect Match: Luxury Meets Combat Sports

Imagine this: you step into the opulent lobby of Crown Melbourne, the excitement of a UFC fight night buzzing in the air. This isn't just wishful thinking; it's the future for Australian UFC fans. Crown Resorts, known for its luxurious hotels, world-class restaurants, and dazzling entertainment offerings, became the official UFC Fan Hotel across its properties in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth.

More Than Just a Room: A UFC Fan Experience Like No Other

This partnership goes beyond simply offering a place to stay. Crown Resorts promises a complete UFC experience, blending its diverse on-site offerings with the UFC's year-round calendar. Here's what fans can expect:

  • Exclusive Events: Get up close and personal with the action at exclusive pre-fight meet-and-greets, watch parties, and after-fight celebrations, all hosted within the luxurious confines of Crown Resorts.

  • Prime Fight Viewing: Witness the intensity of the Octagon unfold on giant screens in specially designated UFC viewing areas, adding a social and electric atmosphere to your fight night experience.

  • Immerse Yourself in the UFC World: Crown Resorts plans to integrate UFC memorabilia, athlete appearances, and themed activations throughout their properties, allowing fans to truly step into the world of UFC.

A Winning Combination: Boosting Tourism and the UFC Fanbase

This partnership isn't just a win for UFC fans; it's a strategic move for both parties. The UFC gains a foothold in Australia's premier entertainment destinations, further solidifying its presence in the lucrative Australian market. As UFC president Dana White himself has said, "Australia is one of the most passionate fight markets in the world, and we're excited to continue to grow the sport there." For Crown Resorts, the deal strengthens their position as a leader in Australian tourism and entertainment. By attracting UFC fans and offering a unique fight-centric experience, Crown Resorts can revitalise tourism and generate significant revenue. The economic impact of UFC events in Australia is undeniable. Past fights have attracted tens of thousands of fans, injecting millions of dollars into local economies.

Why This Deal is a Unique Partnership with the UFC:

What truly sets this partnership apart is its comprehensive nature. It's not just about branding and sponsorships; it's about creating a holistic and immersive experience for fans. From luxurious accommodations to exclusive events and integration into UFC broadcasts, Crown Resorts is offering a one-stop shop for the ultimate UFC fan experience in Australia.The UFC-Crown Resorts partnership isn't just a win for fight fans and the organisations themselves; it's expected to have a positive ripple effect on the broader Australian hospitality industry. Here's how:

  • Increased Hotel Occupancy: With Crown Resorts designated as the official UFC Fan Hotel, a significant influx of visitors is expected during fight weeks. This will boost hotel occupancy rates across Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth, benefiting not just Crown Resorts but other hotels in the vicinity.

  • Surge in Tourism: The UFC attracts a global audience, and this partnership can position Australia as a premier destination for UFC events. This could lead to increased international tourism, with fans travelling specifically to attend fights and experience the unique UFC-Crown Resorts package.

  • Spillover Effect to Restaurants and Bars: The excitement surrounding UFC events translates to increased business for restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues near Crown Resorts properties. Fans will be looking for places to gather before, during, and after fights, generating additional revenue for local businesses.

  • Job Creation: The anticipated surge in tourism and hospitality activity will likely lead to job creation across various sectors. Hotels, restaurants, bars, transportation services, and event management companies can all expect increased demand for their services, potentially creating new employment opportunities.

The Future of UFC in Australia: Record-Breaking and Unmissable

This partnership comes at a time of surging popularity for UFC in Australia. UFC Australia vice president Peter Kloczko predicts another record-breaking year, fuelled by "unmissable events" and a passionate fanbase. With Crown Resorts as a strategic partner, UFC fans can expect an unparalleled level of access, excitement, and luxury, making Australia a premier destination for the sport.

So, if you're a UFC fan in Australia, get ready for an unforgettable fight night experience, all under the glittering lights of Crown Resorts.


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