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How can I be sure the chef can do the job?

We will work closely with you to assess the specific needs of your venue and match a chef that has relevant experience. We are run by chefs and have a good understanding of our chefs capabilities. 


What is the minimum shift time?

5 hours for metro bookings and 8 hours for rural bookings


Can I send the chef home if it gets quiet?

Yes, so long as the minimum shift time has been met


Can I choose which chef I will be sent and will I get the same chef every time?

We like to send the same chef every time for repeat bookings but is not possible on every occasion due to the availability of the chef. Prior to your booking we will give you an overview of the chefs we have available


Can I book with the chef directly?

No, all bookings must come through the ChefHire office


Can I hire a labour hire chef to work directly for my venue?

Yes, but only once a release fee has been paid


Are there any on-costs to hiring a labour hire chef, such as super or insurance?

No, the flat hourly rate is all you will need to pay. The chefs are our employees an we cover all their on-costs


Do I need to provide the chef a meal?

Metro bookings are not required to provide a meal. Rural bookings must provide a meal while on duty and remote venues must provide all meals throughout the booking.


Will the chef be confident working on their own?

Some venues are small and only have a stand alone chef. We can provide a chef who is confident to work on their own but it is always a good idea to have someone to show them around when they arrive


What if there is a problem? Who can I contact?

Call us on 0499639792 at any time if there is any issue and we will do our best to resolve it

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