Did you know that Chefs are  only staying in their roles for an average of 8 months?

If you have 5 chefs in your team you may need to be recruiting 7 or more times every year

Don'y pay crazy recruitment fees

Most recruiters are charging $5k+ for a CDP

At ChefHire we know that regular recruitment is the norm for kitchens now

We aim to be affordable enough that you see us as part of your business

That doesn't mean our chefs won't stay.

We have interviewed over 5000 chefs over the years and are experts in chef recruitment

Some of our chef placements have been in their roles for 5 or more years

That's why we are offering chef recruitment for a flat rate of $695

for positions paying up to $80k

We guarantee to recruit you a chef within 30 days or your money back

And as a special bonus we are offering 10% off our labour hire rate while we are  recruiting a chef for you

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ChefHire Recruitment

Don't pay excessive fees 

don't waste your time interviewing

You run your business, we'll take care of recruitment

To determine personality traits and decide what is right for the role

Don't pay hundreds to a job site with no guarantee of finding someone

Discover the chefs priorities and use them to increase productivity

During this practical session, an experienced recruiter from Australia's leading chef agency will pull back the curtain on the most effective strategy to attract and retain quality chefs

This is not your ordinary strategy

Don't pay