Opening a new venue?

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All too often we find a similar pattern with new venue opens. The owners or managers assign all the responsibility of planning the menu, recruiting the kitchen team, setting up the kitchen work flows, costings, supplier set up etc  to their intended head chef.

We often find that it is uncommon that one chef possesses all the necessary skills to do the job.

You may find a super creative chef, but they may not be as great at the paperwork.

Or you may find a highly organised chef but they may be less creative.

That is why we use a team of chefs , each  with different skills to provide the best possible kitchen start up.

When the kitchen is organsied from the start you have the best possible chance of attracting a high quality head chef and kitchen team. This leads to a consistent experience for the customers

Are you opening a new restaurant, cafe or food operation?or are you looking to revamp your existing menu?

Are you looking for a systemised, organised and profitable kitchen?

If so, we can help

Package Includes:

Menu creation by specialised chef in clients desired style

Kitchen operating procedure

Kitchen operations manual including all recipe cards, ​costings, plating photographs

Recruitment of key staff including Head Chef, Sous Chef and 1-3 CDP's

OH&S Audit

Contracts prepared by specialised HR solicitor

On-going training and development of key staff

Full kitchen coherency program


Urgency, we will act quickly on your enquiry

Certainty, We will let you know quickly the status of your booking so you can plan accordingly

Service, you don't work 9-5 so neither do we. We are contactable 24/7

Job Maturity, We make  sure the chef can do the job

Reliability, you are relying on us so we take every step to ensure our chefs are reliable

Mindset, We believe that attitude determines outcome. There is enough stress in the kitchen already without our chefs adding to it

Don't leave the success and organisation of your kitchen up to chance.

Engage a professional team

Your chefs may come and go but our system will provide the consistency and certainty you need

24 /7 Support
Run by chefs
Quick account set up for new customers
We provide peace of mind that your kitchen is set up the right way from the start.
That way your customers experience a high quality, consistent product on time from the first service.

Prices Start From $45,000 + GST


We only work with selected clients

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