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Do you need a permanent chef role filled?

Tired of spending lots on job sites for little results?

Sick of organising interviews and they don'e even show up?



Your time is valuable and best sent focused on your customers

Let us take care of the hard work of finding a chef


Urgency, we will act quickly on your enquiry

Certainty, We will let you know quickly the status of your booking so you can plan accordingly

Service, you don't work 9-5 so neither do we. We are contactable 24/7

Job Maturity, We make  sure the chef can do the job

Reliability, you are relying on us so we take every step to ensure our chefs are reliable

Mindset, We believe that attitude determines outcome. There is enough stress in the kitchen already without our chefs adding to it

We have a unique approach to recruiting chefs that leads to a high probability of success.

Alot of our chefs stay with the venue for many years 

24 /7 Support
Run by chefs
Quick account set up for new customers
At ChefHire, our chefs are more than just numbers in a database. We know our chefs and trust them which gives you peace of mind that they can do the job.

Prices Start From $3500 + GST

Up to 6 month guarantee period*

*Conditions Apply