Kitchen Coherency


Whether it is written or not, you have a vision, mission and purpose to your business.

Greatest productivity occurs when all involved see how that purpose, serves their own priorities in life

The kitchen can be a highly stressed environment.

There are 2 types of stress, distress and eustress.

Distress leads to feelings of hopelessness and systems break down (entropy). Eustress leads to a sense of achievement and systems become more ordered. (negentropy)

Maximum growth occurs at the border of support and challenge.

Utilising values linking techniques, we can help to create a environment where staff see the challenges of their job as on the way in achieving what is most meaningful and important to them in their life. This leads to staff seeing the challenges of their role as inspiring and growth promoting  rather than despiring and  desperate.

Imagine what your business can achieve when everyone is working towards the same goal

Would you love to have a kitchen team all working towards the goals of the business?

Would it make a difference to your business if the kitchen team was highly inspired and working coherently?

Would you love to show your team that you believe in them by investing in their personal development?

We can help

Productivity is a science

It involves determining the highest values and priorities of the individual staff members and then linking how the tasks of the job and vision of the company serve those individual priorities

Kitchen Coherency Program

This standard program runs across 3 x 3 hour training sessions run in your workplace (outside of service of course) and can be split into groups if the whole team can't be available at once

The Program Aims:

Increased Productivity

Boosted Confidence

Increased Synergy

Alignment with Vision

Everyday that your employees are uninspired the productivity goes down and the value of your business decreases

An inspired work force is your greatest asset

Your chefs level of inspiration can tasted on  the plate

We also offer:
Labour Hire
Recruitment and
Kitchen Consultancy
Investing in your staff is the single greatest step you can take to achieve your company vision
Your vision can't be fulfilled alone.

Prices Start From $5500 + GST 

for teams of up to 5 staff members

For larger teams, request a quote

We only offer this package to selected clients

Get in contact today to see if you qualify