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Featured Chef

Stefano Carbone

We catch up with Chef  Stefano Carbone and get his  take on the future of the industry 


1.Can you tell us about your current role?

I am currently a chef / food artist is not just that I take this role from what I describe famous newspapers or magazines I would be one of the greatest exponents of this type of cuisine combined with art ideas and colors. I think a dish is not only to give good food but to represent an idea. An idea that first hits the eyes and the mind to get to the palate.

2.What has been some of the highlights of this position?

I sincerely believe that what I do with food is a challenge first and foremost with myself, it is not a type of cuisine that I propose that is interpreted and understood by anyone, for this I speak of challenge, it has been a growing evolution that brought the my job to make him love him more and more. To say I'm happy with what I'm giving to my customers not only good food but emotions and that's what I wanted.

3.Can you tell us a bit about your career before this current position?

I started my career I could say at 13, I immediately understood that it would be my path of life, I felt that the food sent me an energy that went in symbiosis with my way of not being able to express with words, some things that I can but then easily do with it.But as I have all started my career in my native land in Puglia, then I started to shoot several places in europe in high-level kitchens that allowed me to know several techniques that led me to realize what I do now. As I have covered almost all the roles in the kitchen up to the top, I think the apprenticeship in this sector is important, helps to grow and stimulate more and more to tackle this work.


4 What do you see as the biggest challenges facing the industry at the moment?

The world of food is an eternal challenge, I suppose that many people do not really approach the food as it should. Going to the restaurant is not filling your stomach but taking a trip, a journey to discover new flavors. So many people do not, but I believe that those who put passion and commitment must not be afraid of what they do, but they must stubbornly go on.

5 What do you see as a possible solution to the growing shortage of chefs?

Now everyone in the world wants to be a chef. Maybe because we live in a world where TV, social media and other make us believe that everyone can really do this job. I claim that having a passion in cooking is something to use your life is a I hope so many people approach this sector but they do it out of love, not just for fame or otherwise. This profession is an experience that changes you inside, improves you and gives you the strength to improve yourself and make yourself others well.

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